September 14th, 2005

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It's a little bittersweet to be in the office today.  We work until 7 tonight at a little dinner we are putting on for the University staff members.  Tomorrow is one of the girls' last days.  I've worked with her for a little over two years.  Though we were never close, it's going to be odd not working with her anymore.  And then Friday is my last day.  As annoyed as I have been with this job, I did like it.  Enough of that.

I'll be busy this weekend, getting my tech stuff checked out (hopefully not too much $$), lunch with my cousin and his girlfriend (if I can pull him away from WoW for an hour), having vintagefury and mirei stay the night, taking Agatha and Abigail to the vet's office to make sure they don't have any infections.  They seem to be all right, but you can never be too careful.

And then on Tuesday morning, Scott is taking me to the airport so that I can away to Sicily to commence my two weeks of vacation.  I am very much looking forward to some time off.  I need sleep.

Most nights last week and even on the weekend I worked so late that I would drive to Scott's house and just crash instead of staying up with him and his friends.  His pals used to snicker and say that Scott wasn't getting his fair serving of satisfaction.  They don't say that anymore.  :)
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