September 13th, 2005

dorcas is my muse.

Winter in September

I don't know how to work my new computer.  What a dumbass I am.  I brought it to work to see if I might be able to work on it more during lunch, so we'll see.  I am so inept.  It's asking for all of these passwords that I never set, even though my name is set as the username every time, and I think I should know when I do set a password.  I purchased a lot of different programs, and some of them were programmed in while in the store.  I just don't really know which ones were put in.  Or why there are passwords.  Or what the passwords are.  Damn.

RIP my iPod.  It has served me well.  RIP all the music I stole from John.  It will all disappear when I get a new battery and reformat the iPod so it will actually work.  Since John and I don't talk to each other anymore.  More's the pity.

I finally caught some serious zz's last night.  But the house was freezing.  I contemplated running out to my car to get extra blankets that I had accidently left from the Oasis concert, but then I remembered that it was cold as fuck outside.  Even with Scott holding me under a pretty wimpy comforter, I couldn't get uncold.  I probably don't know what real cold is.  We have no snow.  I live in California.  But let me tell you, it isn't always the sunshine state.  Now I like cold.  And I loved playing in the snow.  But when it's not supposed to be cold, and if it is cold, I'm thrown off and... cold.  I'm here with my sweatshirt covering my legs and gripping my warm cup of tea as though it's my only source of life.
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