September 12th, 2005

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I am so exhausted this morning.  Getting up was harder than usual.  Even Scott couldn't find the effort to drag me out of bed.

I worked a lot this weekend, which makes up for most of my tiredness.  I worled a lot of hours I didn't necessarily have to, but someone had to, and eh, I could use the extra cash.  Might not have been so bad if we hadn't gone out on Saturday night after closing the building at 10, only to have to get up and open again at 10.  Yesterday I worked up until the time we left for the Oasis concert, which of course rocked and made it all worth it.  I was surprised to learn that Jet opened for them.  Quite a treat.  They were really good.  And the whole Oasis experience rocked.  A spectacular light show that was unique for each song, the lead singer was just crazy and awesome.  He stood in front of the drummer, so when the camera did a close up, you could see his face in front of this drum set.  And the drum set was cool because it looked like liquid mercury or something and trembled with pulses with each beat.  And the lead singer kept mumbling things we couldn't understand, although he enunciated the word "fuck" quite often.  And he sang songs for New Orleans, for President Bush (hehe) and for deaf people.

I'm just glad last week and the weekend are over.  They were horrible.  Just one more week left at work!
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