September 10th, 2005

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This past week has been crazy insane.  I'm glad it's finally the weekend, though I somehow decided to pull more shifts at work #2.  I might as well.  I only have one more week and then I am jobless.

I have to say, I feel quite bad about this whole thing.  I currently live with my parents, although I spend more time at Scott's place because I often come home late and don't want to disturb them.  I feel like I take my luck for granted a little bit.  I look around at other people my age.  Many of them have moved out into apartments (although honestly, housing is so damn expensive here) or little houses with friends and significant others.  I did that for two years at least.  I wish I could do it now.  I wouldn't with Scott.  Not officially.  We haven't been going out long enough for me to even really consider it, even if we had our own rooms, which I can't imagine us doing.  I feel guilty about not continuing my education, though really, I'm so flightly that any program I started would be a waste of time and money.  And my job search has been a whole lot of nothing.  I've a coworker who went to at least 20 job interviews over the summer and finally got a great job.  My search has been fairly nonexistant.  I settled on Campus Safety because the job benefits would be good, but I haven't heard anything back concerning it.  True, I could have talked to him earlier, but... eh.  All I know is that I'm coming back in October jobless, which is not ok.  If I haven't heard back from Campus Safety by that time, screw it.  I'm finding a temp agency.  I know a few friends who don't have jobs and haven't looked at all.  They are just living at home with their parents.  And while I admit I could really use a little vacation, since I did work the entirety of my summer (I think I started working again the week after Commencement!), I don't want to get sucked in.  I want to be productive.  I can't just sit on my hands because I'm used to a busy atmosphere.  And while I may not get the business that I had last year, I need something.

I'm really glad this is my last week though.  I'm going to give them all nice cards and tell my boss to keep me updated and give me a call if any positions open up, as I think I would be a nice addition to the office should someone leave/retire.

Scott is still looking for a job meanwhile.  I told him he should come back to our school and find something in the athletic department, but he didn't sound too enthusiastic.  He really should find something to match his studies, but if he has to become a waiter, at least it pays the bills.  It could be a reality for me too, and I wouldn't be against it.  I don't know how good a waitress I would be, though.  I've accepted that I would best apply to secretarial positions.  Answering phones.  Making copies.  Keeping the office organized.  The like.

We'll see what happens.  Vacations with friends will be rewarding.  I'll like the time I get to explore new places.  I'm particularly excited to see Sicily.  To see the ports where my great-grandmother and her siblings departed from in their journey to the US.  I'm happy I have my own personal tour guide to keep me out of trouble and to treat me to wonderful basilicas and food and daily life.  Pittsburgh will be fun too.  I've never stayed on the East Coast longer than two hours, so it will be nice to explore and spend some time with old friends and such.  I just need to get through this week.
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