August 30th, 2005

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Ostrich loose on Golden Gate Bridge!

On the radio this morning, the hosts of this show were talking about men and women and communication.  I think they were promoting this new book that apparently that teaches men how to translate what women are saying.  You know the idea.  When women say one thing, they really mean something else.  Like when a women says "I'm fine," it really means they are not fine and want to talk about it.  My favourite is the "No, go ahead and go out with your friends" but really wanting the man to stay.  I learned about this in my feminism class after reading the book Genderspeak, and we talked about it in my Communication and Conflict class.

I've learned not to place blame on either side by itself.  Women can be cryptic, but men sometimes have to think a little more.  Like when a woman says that she is fine, is there a tremor in her voice, or a lift that doesn't sound normal?  What is the tone?  Does every physical sign she is sending out contradicting the verbal message?  You can manipulate what you say, but it's hard to manipulate your body.

The part I think is interesting is when a woman has a problem, she oftentimes just wants someone to listen to her (as LJ is rather good for raning ;) ), but the man wants to solve the problem.  It doesn't mean he doesn't care; that's his solution to the problem.

I am a firm believer that these simple problem can be avoided with good communication.  And I should know, after all the communication classes I have taken.  Scott and I have a good relationship in that way.  At the beginning, talking about our feelings and the world were kept in really simple terms until we learned about each other.  It's as easy as me saying to him "You go ahead and go out with your friends, but I would really like you to stay."  Something like that.  Now he can read into pretty much anything I say and do, which is kind of scary.  But I guess our studies in psychology have kind of taught us that.


There was an ostrich loose on the Golden Gate Bridge this morning.  Funny as hell.  Poor thing was probably scared to death.  So were most of the drivers.  I can't imagine how the person at the toll plaza reacted.

A congressman said that President Bush is too stupid to understand stem cell research.  Huzzah!

Does anyone else like this song?  I didn't like it when I first heard it, but I guess after I heard the story behind it, I started loving it.

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