August 15th, 2005

dorcas is my muse.


Ah, back at work on a Monday morning.

The concert was TEH AWESOME!  Driving there wasn't bad at all.  The parking was a little pricy, but worth it, and getting out wasn't a huge problem either.  I was a little disappointed that they weren't selling much Jem merchandise, but I guess that's to be expected, and I snagged one of the two Jem shirts.  They also had free samples of a new flavour of Ben & Jerry's : Fudge Raspberry or something.  Good stuff.  Jem was, of course, awesome.  She was on for a little less than an hour, and I wish she had stayed.  The crowd wasn't that big, but she is one of the best opening acts that I have ever seen, and people seemed to really like her.  Black Eyed Peas were good too.  I don't really listen to their music, but it was easy to listen to and a lot of fun.  Dave was killer.  As is his style, they didn't play a lot of the more popular songs. The songs he did play that I knew were surprising because I had never heard them off of a CD, and I've been to two of his concerts previous to this one.

My only semi-complaint is that with every song, there was a jam at least twice as long as the actual song.  So there were maybe ... 6 songs per hour.  And while I liked most of the jams, they slowed down so much.  Which, you know, would probably have been all right if I had decided that was the night to start smoking pot.  As I didn't even have a carefree buzz, I found difficulty paying attention.  People all around us were talking and walking and laughing.  The encore was good, though it was only two songs, but two great songs.  Didn't get back until 3:00 AM since we decided to go out for a bit to live it up in the nightlife.

Last night I went over to a friend's house.  Which means I was not only talking to her, but to half her brothers and sisters.  I haven't talked to them in a while, and it was nice to catch up.  Only downside was that I finally got to Scott's at 2:30 AM and here I am at work at 8:00 AM.  This is going to be a long day.

I have to say, I've listened to about 75% of the new Foo Fighters release.  And... so far, I'm no that excited.  I may start to like it, but... eh.

OH.  Computer is being sent out to Gateway today.  Took it to Fry's to get the hard drive copied to my external.  Took them one day and $109.90.  I'm not looking at Apple laptops anymore.  I'm thinking Sony.  But that's not for a few years.  Just something to keep in mind.  Yar.
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