August 11th, 2005

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Well, unfortunately, the computer sitch has not improved any.  Tim worked on it for hours and next to nothing.  Now I can't even charge the battery at all.  I could do the PA thing and send it in to get files off of it for a fee.  Somehow I had forgotten the pictures I had on there, and I almost cried at the thought of losing them.  Over 100 pictures from graduation.  From living at the duplex.  From holidays with family.  From spending time with friends.  From concerts I went to and things that I saw that I thought looked wicked cool.  Pictures of my pets.  I can't lose those.  Yes, they are only pictures.  But sometimes a picture is all you have.  Pictures of people I will never see again.  I'll look at them and say, "Oh yeah.  I remember having freshman orientation with her, Louise Hill, and with Sargon Benjamin and Davina and Danielle Camardo."

But the other half of me wants my computer back, even though I haven't sent it in yet.  I can't imagine spending more money on this computer.  I've already spent half my last paycheck (and that was for a full month of work) on the computer.  At this rate, I will be broke in no time.

I know it seems I talk about my compy a lot.  At the moment I don't have much going on otherwise.  Working every day.  Making dinner with my Dadu every night, with a few exceptions.  It makes me want to come home straight from work because the food is soo good.  Home-cooked meals are not traditional dinners at my house.  So this is a welcome change.  It's nice to have Scott around too.  He's got his own thing going most of the time, but he calls me every day, even if it's a short "Have a good day" or "Sleep well."  I honestly don't see him most workdays because I come home exhausted from work and just want to spend time with my parents (hard to believe, especially since they fall asleep around 8).  But it's nice to sit at home and watch television and read my books before going to bed and falling asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.  Weekends are good days to spend the warm sunny hours together, eating frozen yogurt and watching my dog chase a squirrel half-heartedly before plopping on the ground to nap.

I'm really looking forward to the concert coming up.  Jem, Black-Eyed Peas and Dave Matthews Band.  Oh the goodness.  Probably the only thing that has been getting me through the past two weeks.  That and it's the first Saturday I won't be working.  I am quite excited.

And I have to say I am quite satisfied to my reaction to seeing my ex and his latest girlfriend.  I think my state of drunkness was the important factor, the swing vote, if you will.
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