August 4th, 2005

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This morning in the office we explored the benefits of green tea.  Yes, work is hard stuff, man.  Especially these days.  I almost didn't come in to work today because I was feeling pretty bad.  Now it's not so bad, though it's a constant reminder.  But I'm glad I came in.  Between conversations about green tea and reading Al Franken's "Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot and Other Observations", this day is going all right.  I have to say that I like the book.  I read bits from his later book and decided to get this one, but when I first started reading it, I was a little taken aback.  I'm just as liberal as the next person, but calling Limbaugh a big fat idiot every other page gets a little unfunny after a while.  But Franken has regained my attention numerous times when he puts in quotes and nails them.

According to, green tea has numerous health benefits.  This could be kind of a duh statement.  I think most people assumed that green tea is good for you.  It's a fabulous substitute for caffeinated bubbly beverages today (which, sadly, I love).  Green tea helps with reducing high blood pressure, lowering blood pressure, and fighting cancer, as well as serving a role in losing excess weight by lowering cholesterol, increasing Thermogenesis (the body's rate of burning calories) and enhancing fat oxidation while also increasing metabolism.  I know for a fact that I have packets of green tea at home, but they probably are low grade, so I might go visit a Peet's Coffee and Tea this weekend to pick up a bag or something.  These days I drink water more than anything else, so adding a little green tea to my diet couldn't hurt.

They also have green tea lays chips in Thailand.  But they aren't very good.

The Santa Clara community lost yet another member recently.  Bill Spohn, 61, died of cancer not too long ago.  The President of the University sent out an email to students about his service in September and a more recent one on Monday in San Francisco.  Since I didn't know him personally and didn't even know if he was a professor or not, and P-Lo didn't give us the info, I searched around a little.  He worked in the Bannan Institute (I thought he was a Jesuit, but he was married) and was in both the Pastoral Ministries Graduate program as well as the Religious Studies Department.

I just finished Tim Russert's book, "Big Russ and Me."  I wish I had read that book before Commencement.  Hell, I wish I had watched Meet the Press before Commencement.  I didn't see the huge value of having Tim Russert as our guest speaker.  I mean, come on, we had Patrick Stewart one year.  And how awesome would it be to have Jon Stewart as our speaker?!  Tim Russert was one of the highlights of our commencement, though.  I really appreciated all he had to say, despite that stupid fucking plane flying overhead because somebody's daddy wanted everyone to know how proud he was of his princess.  Then I picked up "Big Russ and Me" after my dad read it, and I had so much more respect for Tim Russert.  I typically like non-realistic books, but I really liked that one.

My attitude the past couple days hasn't been so great.  More than anything, I've been irritable and wanted to shrink inside my room instead of going out to see friends, but I made plans anyway.  It's good for me to get out.  I went out last night to Dave & Busters with Tim, Pita, and Burnette and had a really good time.  Won a D&B pint glass, too.  Going out to lunch today with Mark because he called me because we hadn't had lunch in a while.  Going out with another friend tomorrow night to hang and watch a movie.  I'm not saying I don't value these things (my bank account, on the other hand...).  It's better this way, anyway.
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