August 1st, 2005

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Such drama, such drama.

It looks as though I won't get my computer back until around August 20th and after a little over $328.34.  Which is a long time and a good chunk of money, but I will be so happy with my computer when it is all fixed and happy.  Thank God for warranties.  And I love Gateway.

My great-aunt and great-uncle are not doing all that well, and my grandfather isn't, either.  It probably won't be long until we move my grandfather into a rest home.  This is not a new concept for my family.  Well, for my parents and me, that is.  But this should be different.  Grandpa is pretty antisocial and can get really aggressive.  My dad is so stressed out by everything, and my moving home and lack of a job after September really haven't helped.

I'm getting so emotional these days.  It doesn't help that my parents fall asleep an hour after I get home from work, while I stay away for another three hours.  My father doesn't like discussing such matters, and when we do bring it up, he gets mad pretty fast, and the only way to deal with that is to back away.  And my mother... well, you really can't discuss these things with her.  She hates family (it's not hers, anyway) and she gets really hyper and hysterical and upset pretty quick.

So now Scott knows why I want to get away from the world with WoW.  He's offered a few times to fly up to give me his computer, which I obviously turned down.  I'm not THAT addicted.  But I appreciate the thought.  I know a lot of people have gone through similar situations that are so much more intense.  So it's nice to have people around to just let me freak out and get it over with.
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