July 30th, 2005

dorcas is my muse.

The rise and fall of faithful bullworth

For some reason, I'm not a friend.  Am I a phrenmed (the m is silent) (actually, the e is silent too).

Anyway, much has happened in the past couple days.  The main event is the computer.  Anybody who has been around my computer knows that, like me, it is never silent.  Rather, it hums.  And not in the good way.  In the "I am overheating, I am a ticking timebomb" way.  But I let it go for awhile, until it would no longer be ignored.  The other night I finally finally bought Warcraft after hentaioverfiend  helped to clean up my computer.  After an  hour of playing, the computer overheated and shut down.  But did I stop there?  Of course not.  Yesterday I brought the computer to work fully planning to play during my CSR shift.  I had a lot of trouble keeping the computer plugged in, a problem I had had often and was having more and more.  As I played, I began to smell something burning.  I pulled out the power adaptor to find it had MELTED.  A couple phone calls to Gateway found my computer still under warranty.  I have to send it in, so I'll be without it for at least two weeks, as there are some other problems I hope they can fix for me.  I have considered getting an external hard drive to back up every document and program on my computer that hopefully HentaiOverfiend can help me with *prays*.

But dammit, I had the game less than 24 hours.

hentaioverfiend  and vintagefury , go on without me and make your guild.  It will take a long time for me to catch up, if I ever can *whimper*.

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