July 22nd, 2005

dorcas is my muse.

Love you, Moe.

Well, I have a spare five minutes.  Might as well use it.

First thing's first.  My father and I are on this new diet.  Shut up and let me explain.  You follow the very strict diet for three days.  Then you take off at least four days.  Then go another three days on the diet.  This goes on for about a month.  Three square meals, though part of it is dessert, so make that three and a half.  Breakfast usually consists of coffee and a combination of a piece of fruit and an egg or saltine crackers or a piece of toast or two tablespoons of peanut butter.  Not too bad.  Lunch is a can of tuna fish and saltine crackers or a hardboiled egg or a piece of toast.  Dinner consists of two veggies and a fair amount of meat, either two hot dogs or one can of tuna or 3 oz. of meat (I chose chicken, which I blame on my housemates of old who got me addicted).  Dessert consists of half a cup of vanilla ice cream and a small apple or half a cantaloupe.  The line is that if you do this for three days, you lose 10 lbs.  After two days, I lost 10 lbs.  And this is the last day.  Not bad.  If anything, we will be eating lots more veggies, particularly beets and carrots, which I seem to enjoy.

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All in all, it was beautiful.  Afterwards we went to brunch, when I was horrified to realize that I couldn't have any of it.  My lunch had to consist of a hardboiled egg and a piece of toast, so I resigned myself to water.  Scott harped on me the entire time he was digging through his waffles piled with strawberries and whipped cream and scrambled eggs and orange juice.  Then he dragged me to a coffee house for a small white mocha with nonfat milk.  I did NOT cheat.  I checked with my daddy and mommy first, dammit.

Finished Harry Potter too.  All I can say is wow.  Just wow.

I've started praying again.  I haven't prayed for a long time.  No real reason, really.  But I just think I would be happier if I did.

My prayers for everyone, especially to Moe's family and to vintagefury .

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