April 17th, 2005

dorcas is my muse.


Well, thanks to the wonderful works of vintagefury , I now have blue hair tips.  I am so very excited.  So very very excited.  I can't wait to go to work on Monday, much less go to class on Tuesday.  I see this as my last chance at freedom.

Let's see.  Highly unproductive today.  This morning Scott and I went to the women's lacrosse match, SCU vs. UOA.  We creamed them 18-2.  Fabulous match.  Kida got hurt though.  And what was even better was that there were people who actually came.  People other than parents.  Actual students who knew girls on the team who knew this was a huge lacrosse weekend and wanted to cheer on their friends and roommates.  Three of the girls in my office are on the team, so it wasn't surprising that three of their coworkers would show up.  But I'm glad that this is the way it will end.  There is another match tomorrow morning, so we'll get up early to grab breakfast, watch the match against ASU, and then watch the softball matches against LMU.  We lost both matches today.  LMU apparently has a good softball team.  Go figure.  Our record isn't looking too good.  But hey, it's going to be a beautiful day, and we might as well spend our sunbathing supporting our sports teams.

Scott and I are indeed going to see my professor next week.  I pray it will help.  Scott was a little offended that I hadn't come all the way clean to him on certain things about the harrassment (and understandably so) that I seemingly had no problem discussing with my professor.  I am certain that is one thing we will bring to my professor, and it's just as well.  See, as you all well know, I have this tendency to keep things inside because I don't want others to have to deal with what in my mind are my problems.  And for some things that's all right.  But for others, such as anything relating in any way to Travis, I must open up completely to Scott, and that's kinda hard for me to do.  At the same time, I know I have to do it.  I won't get through this quarter if I keep it all in.  That's another think I hope my professor can help me work on.

Anyway, I'm off to bed.  I'm not entirely sure how this sleeping thing is going to work out.  Learning experience.  Doesn't help when you sleep with someone who takes up a good percentage of the bed.  But I suppose we'll manage.

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dorcas is my muse.

"Sun tan lotion", huh? Prove it.

Lazy lazy Sunday...

Today was a pretty good day.  Mostly because I didn't actually do much.

Breakfast this morning was $0.95.  That's right.  Starbucks coffee was free.  I love those guys.  They make my Sundays so fabulous.  Oh, and the bagel was $0.95.  Which brings up another point.  On older computeres, didn't they used to have the cents sign, that little c with a line through it?  What the hell happened to it?  I can't punch it in.  It's probably under "symbols".  Bullshit.  Stupid people who don't value their pennies.  Let me tell you, those pennies helped me out this afternoon when I was buying sun tan lotion and oranges at Safeway.

Scott and I were outside for approximately six hours today.  First was the women's lacrosse match against Arizona State.  We lost 6-8, which was slightly bad because we really needed to win the match.  But that's okay, because we'll take play-offs next weekend.  After that, we watched the two softball matches against LMU.  The first game we won, which was great because we broke our 10-game losing streak.  Oh, but we lost the second game.  So shits.  But it was really fun.  I actually accomplished a good portion of reading, and it was a gorgeous day.

With my hair I get a new nickname: The Little Freak.  Only to be accompanied by The Big Freak.  Muahaha.  People were staring at us all day.  It was AWESOME.  I think there's this stereotype that people who color their hair are "freaks" and hook up with other "freaks".  Like maybe a girl like me has a boyfriend with a dog collar around his neck, large dragon tattoos on both arms, a ponytail sticking out of a backwards cap, and twelve piercings.  And then they look at Scott, who is reasonably clean-cut.  And then they get confused.  Well, then he's a "freak" too.  Besides, he's fucking tall.  In fact, he was 6'8" by the time he was a freshman in HIGH SCHOOL.

So now I have a pleasant tan, accompanied with a few patches of sunburn (damn you, "sun tan lotion", damn you and your impotence).  Got most of my reading done.  I'm reading this book about emotional blackmail.  It's pretty interesting and you can pick out little details that seem strangely similar to current relationships.  Not with anyone here, mind you.  But I think one of the most important things I have learned thus far from the reading is that people who are emotional blackmailers are not aware of what damage they are producing and usually it has something to do with a past relationship.  "If you were a good friend, you'd do this for me."  "You're the only one who can help me."  "If you don't do this, I'll leave you."  Stuff of that effect.  Sound familiar?

I don't understand how sailing a boat would want you to buy a  Davidson & Licht Rolex watch.

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