April 10th, 2005

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Best Weekend EVER

I'm saying it again.  BEST WEEKEND EVER.  Well, minus a pretty ordinary Friday.

Saturday morning I went out to the pitch to watch the women's lacrosse game.  I have to say, I haven't really been to a full lacrosse game.  I went with them to a tournament when I was writing all my stories about them fall quarter, but they weren't real games.  One team was wearing togas.  Can't really take that so seriously.  But this was a great game.  We won 19-10.  I was looking all over the place for the photographer, and I was nervous because the game started earlier than we thought it did.  He, in fact, accidently slept in, so we're going to have to go to a practice next week.  Not like I'm not used to doing that.

So after the match, I had to interview EVERYONE.  And, even though I know all of them, I was still a little nervous.  But fiveinterviews went fast.  They were so friendly with me.  I know it's because I followed them around so much fall quarter.  They, in essence, got me my job at the newspaper.  It's only fair that I write at least one article about them.  They're a great team.

Afterwards, I went to the baseball game to interview one other girl.  Unfortunately, I had to wait a few hours, but I got to watch the game a little.  Oh, we lost horribly.  HORRIBLY.  But it was a gorgeous day, and I didn't have to pay to watch.  Got a nice little tan and got to talk to Michael Zozos, the co-president of the Ruff Riders.  He and I are like good friends now.  I asked him how I could get the word out on the women's lacrosse matches next weekend, and he and I are going to get the word out.  I'm so excited about it.  This team is great and I know if we can get some fans out there, we'll have a great time.  I'm going to make sure I write a killer article encouraging people to get out there to watch.

Conducted my last interview with Brenna.  She and I lived on the same floor freshman year.  We actually chatted for about an hour, with at least 30 minutes about lacrosse.  But it was great to talk to her.  We are on similar paths, not quite sure about what's going on next year, but we're just enjoying the time we have left at Santa Clara.

Then came the party.  Because of Scott's little... mishap of thinking I played soccer instead of rugby (go figure), his housemates and I watched a rugby match.  Great game, I tell you.  And they were really interested and asked good questions.  I can't tell you how irritated I get when people agree to watch something and then lose interest or ask questions during the match.  But they were attentive.  It was really nice.  Got better when the match ended and we broke out the alcohol.  I haven't really drank since last quarter, so this was awesome.  We had a great party.

This morning, I had to get up early to go to work.  I was a little grumbly but I needed to get work done and might as well get paid for it.  So what turned the tables on my grumbly mood?  Tagan made me a free white mocha.  FUCKING AWESOME.  I heart Tagan.  He's just the best.  I was so happy.  And I transcribed all my interviews this morning.  Took me a good four hours to do it all.

I have so much work to do still.  So many papers to write, and so much to read.  But I just had to say what an awesome weekend it has been, and I hope next weekend is just as killer.

And I love this song.  Whenever I hear this song, I think of hanging out with Jordan and Scott.

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