March 18th, 2005

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Well, I have a few minutes before I up and away to a rainy Carmel.  You know, Carmel, from what I have heard, is never really like completely clear and sunny.  It's always kinda coldish.  But maybe that's because my parents only go there in like October.  Weird people.

Finals are over, thank goodness.  Near the end there, I just didn't care.  And that last one was the one I should have studied for the most.  In fact, I did study for it the most.  But eh it was difficult to get through.  The added fact of being sick certainly didn't help matters at all.  But that's what I get for pulling three all-nighters in such close proximity to one another.

Now I have the week to quasi-relax.  I still have to try to get a senior thesis idea together, preferably before I go to Arizona because my prof and I will be exchanging emails, and I won't have Internet access there (actually, I don't know whether or not I will, but I don't want to impose).  And I have to have my thesis idea by 11:50 AM the first day of school.  This is excluding the Market Square project.  Which, by the way, I have to make a poster for the Undergraduate Research Conference on April 2nd AND I have to get ready for Chicago.  You know, this happens when I push everything back as though it will never come to pass.

BUT I must also remember that many good things will be taking place.  Carmel this weekend is much needed.  If the weather holds (as it seems to be), then Carmel will consist mostly of watching movies and drinking champagne.  Then I wanted to road trip for a day with Tyler and Richard, but unfortunately, they want to go on Monday, and I have to pick my parents up from the airport in the middle of the afternoon.  Wednesday we are leaving for Arizona.  The temperature there should be in the low 70's (at least before 2:00 PM, and it's supposed to be sunny, particularly on Thursday, which is excellent.  Then we come back on Friday.  Davina and Danielle are returning on Sunday, and if the mass schedule isn't too tight, I'll be able to pick up Danielle and she can pick up Davina.  Or something.  I might be able to get them both when Davina flies in.  And I'll have family-ness on Sunday.  Probably both good and bad.  We'll see.

Wow, that had no purpose.

My room is a little cleaner than it has been in a few weeks.  I just kind of shuffled things around.

Chris is practicing his guitar.  I'm telling you, there will be no end to the jam sessions in my house next quarter.  And that's a promise.  Games, jam sessions, drinking, parties, and all-around good times.

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