March 12th, 2005

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Mmm, I suppose I should post something here. I haven't posted in forever.


Just kidding.

Well, let's see. It's the weekend before finals. Yay. Everyone's been talking about graduation. Except me. Don't ask me to.

I'm not overly concerned about finals, except for my Cognitive Psychology one. Because I would really prefer to NOT fail the class.

So spring break is much desired. I'm sad that all the housemates are departing for most of the break. Well, most people are departing for the break. I'll be away on my road trips. God I hate hot weather. Why I ever agreed to the road trip to Arizona is a question that may never be answered. If I scorpion doesn't kill me there.

Aside from trips, I'll be around. I have to catch up on work at the EPO. Spend some time with parents and friends. Maybe some sleep too. Sleep is nice.

Things with Scott are going very well. Despite my best efforts, I'm falling.

Wow. Yahoo is showing this video now. I don't like Daniel Bedingfield's other song. But I love this song, for some reason.

Good luck with finals, for those of you who have them.

Just gotta get through this :).
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