March 7th, 2005

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All right, I finally did it.  I registered into The Facebook.  I had to do it.  The temptation was just too great for me to deny.

So after working some forty odd hours this weekend and not getting enough sleep, coupled with my draining cold, you'd think I'd know better than to stay up until 3:00 AM.  I, however, didn't discipline myself enough and soon began friending, friending, friending.

The concept is so similar to xanga, livejournal, etc.  Actually, I have a webpage via Greg.  I should update that one more often.  I kind of like it a little better than the others, I just haven't done much of anything with it.  I should make that my webpage.  You know, when all these things ask for your webpage, and I have... none.  So I'll use that one, I think.

It's nice to see where everyone is.  Where everyone is going.  I like it because I can get into contact with people I haven't seen in years.  I was on for maybe MAYBE one hour, and this guy friended me.  I haven't seen him, much less talked to him, in a little over two years.  We were never that close to begin with.  And we have no people connecting us.  We didn't go to school together.  And he spelled my name correctly.  He just... friended me.  So I friended him.  And poked him.  Because you can poke people.

I've decidedly lost the drive to work on school-related activities.  I still go to class.  Surprisingly.  Though it was definitely beyond tough to get up this morning.  I have work later today too.  Bummer.

The way this year is going has definitely turned me around and changed my attitude about life.  Oh, I'm still stubborn as all hell.  And I'd like ot think I'm still passionate about many a thing.  And, as Davina and others have witnessed, there are times when I freak out about something which to others doesn't seem so big but is to me (like losing my schedulebook).  But I'd like to think, for the most part at least, I've a more optimistic outlook on life.  Last quarter was a little harder what with figuring out what the hell to do next year.  But as that atrocity eventually passed a little, I can finally sit down and enjoy senior year.  Well, I will be able to, I'm sure.  Other than that, I'm just trying to be a happier person all around, because I like being happy.  I like smiling in the morning when other people are too tired to try.  I like saying hi to people and hearing how their lives are going.  I like listening to people when they need someone to talk to.  I like sharing my stories about my life and how exciting and whirlwind I think it is.  I love having such awesome friends.  I am so happy that Angel is happy.  And I'm so happy I have Scott, in whatever capacity I have him in.  I love where I'm living.  I love not having financial problems every five minutes (I can deal with it every other day or so).  I love being so active.  But I love being able to sit back and listen to my music when I need to.  The iPod is good for that.  I love the wonderful sunshine we are experiencing.  With everyone else's problems weighing them down, mine seem so small and insignificant.  And maybe that's because they really are small and insignificant in the grand scheme of things.  So why bother worrying?  Everything that needs to get done will be done because I know I can do it.

So if something bad happens, I know I can be unhappy.  Because if I am unhappy, I know I will be happy again.

Thanks, Joy.  Miss you much.

OMG it's a bouncy hamster!  I'm a bouncy hammy!  That is so me!  Wow, I should be researching.  BOUNCY HAMMY!!!
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