February 6th, 2005

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As we all know very well, I am incredibly high strung. This personality tick seems to come out more when I am working in this little guard shack. Let's consider the facts of this particular setup. I work eight hours every other Sunday in this tiny little office. Heat is provided. Water is provided. No one comes to check up on me. It's called getting paid... for doing absolutely nothing. However, the stress that I get from attempting to operate the computer is more than necessary. This computer = sucks ass. To boot, this is not really how I would like to spend my Sundays. Yes, I know I can do homework in here, and I do. But the computer is right here, people. You just can't use the damn thing. Actually, I'll be really surprised if I get to post this without at least six or seven errors.

The money isn't bad. Well, money is bad. I hate money. But getting money is good. Especially for doing next to nothing. But as you all know... I'm just too tired for this shit. I hate this job. HATE THIS JOB. I never wanted it. I told them to find somebody else. But there are only two others who do what I do. And I like having a semi-good relationship with campus safety. But having to work on Superbowl Sunday, when I should be tossed OFF MY ASS or studying for midterms or studying for finals (that's right, I have to work the Sunday before finals).

I know I'll feel better when I go home. I'm sure of it. These irritable feelings pass. But mark my words: the next time I work here, I'm bringing my laptop. This computer sucks ass. Doesn't even have excel on it.

I think about what my father would do in this situation. I know what my mother would do, but she's insane. So I think about my father. And I know and grudgingly admit that he would indeed keep the job. And everybody loves my father. Even the assholes know they have to respect him because he has INTEGRITY. So here I will sit, at least until the end of this quarter. Next quarter, if I even begin to think I'm doing too much, this will be the first to go. Maybe. Well, I'll probably stick with it, anyway.


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