January 23rd, 2005

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I have found a new ritual in posting on Sunday mornings when I am working in the booth.  Yes, it's now a ritual, seeing as I don't post as often as I used to.

Well, it only took me 40 minutes to get in the damn booth.  And let's be honest, I don't really want to be here.  So waiting 40 minutes... after getting up at 8:30 on a SUNDAY... if that's not patience, I really don't know what is.  And I got here 10 minutes early, to boot.  All because this door has issues opening.  After ten minutes, I decided to throw pride aside and call in because it was no use being stubborn.  And for fifteen minutes, no one came.  NO ONE.  I would love to know what else there is to do at 9:00 AM that is so damn important/time consuming that you can't walk your ass over here to OPEN THE DAMN DOOR.  Even the guy at dispatch called me after fifteen minutes and was shocked when he discovered I was still outside, reading my textbook.  The guys who were supposed to help me out were "almost there".  Now, if you go to school here... you know it takes about... let's say six minutes to get from one end to the other (I'm not counting Alamedas).  Which begs the question... What the hell were they doing?  In the end, one of the guys inside who's a friend of mine came over and opened it without a problem () and here I am.  BUT it's not raining, and I got a little reading done already, and the bagel is good this morning.

It's kind of funny how much I am getting from my Communication and Gender class.  Which is kind of helpful, seeing as that's going to be my Senior thesis next quarter.  It's very interesting.  We've talked about language and gender stereotyping and such.  How language really is gendered and how we don't really notice it.

All right, I'll say it.  My housemates and a friend and I played Dungeons and Dragons last night.  Which I have to admit, I wasn't very into at first.  Mostly because when I started playing, I was the only newby and completely clueless, much less couldn't even fire an arrow.  But now we have two others playing with us, and that's super fun.  We had a great time last night (well, I did, anyway).  First, everyone had trouble identifying my character.  It stands to reason that men would choose male characters, while women would choose female characters.  So I chose a male character (shut up, Pandelume will be able to kick your ass when he's at level 3 ).  Second, most of the enemies we assume to be male characters, which makes sense if they are warriors.  But with wolves?  Come on.  You know there's a female in there somewhere.  And then we come up on two troll-like creatures: one supposedly male and the other female.  But we keep referring to them both as "him" and "he".  Which I somehow caught on and started correcting people.  Which I've noticed pisses people off.  And then they say that the creature really doesn't have a sex, to which I respond "well, why call it 'he'?  Why not just say 'it?'"  See how this annoys people?  Yes, I'm well aware that it doesn't really matter, that the people who created the game made mostly male characters.  I understand this concept well.  But at the same time... our language is very gendered.  And it wouldn't be a problem because everyone is used to it.  But let's say you go around calling God "She" instead of "He" or saying womankind instead of mankind.  People (and men in particular) get pretty uncomfortable and rather pissed off.  Now what does that tell you?  First key to change: accept it.  Or don't.  You probably won't.  But I do. 

Unfortunately, I am not able to go to the Christian service this Sunday.  I thought it was supposed to be in the early evening, but it turns out it's at 10:00 AM.  At which point I am here in this lovely little piece of Hades.  BUT next Sunday, I will be able to go to the Christian service and hear Ralph wail on the drums.

Probably the most fun and most intense part of my week was the paper.  And the suddenness of it all.  But I think I will like working there for the short time that I am.  It's quite humorous to sit and listen to the editors argue about last week's issue.  And to have one of them come interrupt us with stupid questions while we were having our meeting.  But the good thing is that I already know the three girls I will be working with.  Maybe it will be a way for me to get even more involved in the school before I graduate (yah, like I need that).

Well, must get on to the homework.  Much to do, much to do.  Hope you at least got a chuckle.

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