January 18th, 2005

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Without a doubt, one of the best weekends ever.  EVER.

Went to Tahoe.  Again.  But this time with some of the same people, but with more people.  And we had a great time.  I had a great time with people I wasn't sure I would.  No worries, Mark, she's awesome.

I have to admit, I wasn't very enthusiastic about it at first.  Like before we left.  I can't really explain why.  I don't really think I should either.  And while some things did happen that didn't make me feel good, so many other things DID make me feel good and forget all about the not so great things.  Got to talk to people I really like and seem to actually like me back.  Always good times.

And it snowed, people.  Like while I was there.  Like in the morning, when I had to leave in an hour, and I was yelling at Ed because he poured grease on the stove and started a fire, and woke up countless people with my characteristic loud laughing and yelling, and John came in and talked down to me like I'm five years old... it was snowing outside.  Thin, pure-white snowflakes fell listlessly to the ground.  Dollops of powder snow clung to thick tree branches.  It was so beautiful.  I was lost for a few minutes... before we had to scrape the snow and ice off the ground in front of Lorraine's van so we could actually leave.

I loved the drive home with Lorraine and Than.  We didn't talk much.  They mostly talked while I read my book.  I actually didn't talk to them much in Tahoe, as they slept a lot more than I did.  Well, hell, everyone slept more than I did.  But in the end we talked about something that we all kinda felt the same about, and it made me feel less stupid and much happier with holding things in.  Apparently sometimes going to others with my concerns, to take them off of my mind, isn't the right thing to do.  I'm beginning to learn the difference and keeping more to myself.  Less drama.  Good times.

Spent the rest of my vaca with Angel and my parents.  I got most of my reading done in Tahoe, anyway, and did a little writing when I got home.  So I slept.  And slept more.  And played with Devil.  And my puppy.  But she's too paranoid to play.  So she sits on my foot instead.  I love my puppy.  And I got to talk with Jason and Carrie.  I'm glad Carrie's doing better.  And Jason too.  People need to do better.

AND I got a new cell phone.  One that actually, well, you know, works.  I really like it.  I get incredible service.  And it's nifty.  No camera.  And, even though it's an UPGRADE, there are no games on the phone.  But I really like it.  It's nifty and serves its purpose.  And the old phone kinda works too, so I'll keep using it as my alarm clock.  Shit I have to work out in the morning.  My tummy hurts.

I have to pick up Davina from the airport in two hours, too.  At 1:30 AM. Yuck.

I have a few things I want to post, but I'll wait until later on.  I just had to post about this weekend.  Then I'll post Jem song lyrics (applicable ones, of which there are many) and a really nifty poem I got in Comm and Gender on Friday.

Hmm, methinks something is going on here that I must investigate... in a short time.

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