December 22nd, 2004

dorcas is my muse.

The Day's Thoughts

Yay for it being my last day of working this year.  This is not counting the basketball games I am required to work after Christmas.  But such is life.

I did not get any shopping done last night.  I did, however, go to the campus bookstore with my mother and found a nice vest for my father.  I came back to the store alone a few minutes later to pick up a shirt and hat my mother had been eyeing, as well as a few other things.  I really don't get my parents great stuff on average, so I hope this will be good.  At least I finished with their presents, and I don't really have much more shopping to do.

Tonight I'm going to see Oceans 12 with Kristina.  I know it'll bomb.  But I want to see it, and Kristina seems mildly interested.  I take that as a yes.

Tomorrow is my first official day off of work.  So it follows that I would be getting up early to get to the mall as soon as it opens to start buying gifts like there's no tomorrow.  Angel and I are making the last ditch effort.  Then I have lunch with my advisor (he's paying ) and then I have an early dinner with Dinah at the place of her choosing, and then I meet with my new landlords at 7:30 PM.  They sound like a very nice couple, I can't wait to meet them.

My cousin William took me out to dinner about a week ago.  This is not uncommon.  He usually calls at least once a week to ask me out to dinner, and cash is never an issue.  I kinda blow him off sometimes, but it's not personal.  I blew everyone off last quarter, let's be honest.  And it was worse with him because he's family.  Anyway, while we were eating dinner at this pizzeria (after he had just bought me the special edition of LOTR ROTK) he kind of unloaded on me.  Which I don't mind; indeed, I encourage it, especially of him.  I think I always knew he was kinda lonely here, but I figured his work was enough to keep him busy.  Besides, I didn't really have much time.  But after the stuff he told me, I felt really guilty.  I just felt this pit in my stomach.  The thing with my cousin is that he's been letting off on giving me shit about stuff.  I'll always be the lower class undergrad to him, but he's interested in my life and wants to know what's going on.  I hadn't told him about Angel before because I felt it wasn't worth a conversation with him, and now I realize that ANYTHING is worth a conversation with my cousin.  I have a lot to work on.  I have a lot to make up for this quarter.

I am beyond giddy.  I just want to sit and talk about Angel forever.  I want to call up Davina or run to my Great-Aunt Kay or ANYONE and just divulge for hours.  I'm sure I'll have time later on.  But right now I'm on such a high and I can't get down.  And I don't necessarily want to lose this high.  I just want to talk to someone about him.  Or see him.  I'll see him soon enough, and I'll talk to someone soon enough.  It's more polite to keep my mouth shut anyway.

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