December 15th, 2004

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So the day I have been waiting for has come, ladies and gentlemen.  No, it's not GRE day yet.  Thankfully.  No, it's the SCU Holiday Party.

Now, most of you will ponder, what is she talking about?  Yay holiday party or whatever, I'm not invited and I don't give a shit.  And this is true.

But the holiday party is usually my own personal hell.  Get here at 8:00 AM as I usually do, and stay until 10:00 PM.  I might even get a lunch in there, but I am prepared for the work.  And the list contains over 700 attendees, not to mention those who did not RSVP.

The good thing is that I know a lot of the people and if I have enough caffeine and people don't annoy me too much, I will be a cheery helper.  Yes, here is your nametag and the nametag of your guest, please have a pleasant evening.  I'm sorry, we don't seem to have your name here, if you would please step over to this table and write your own (and this really pisses people off, for some reason unknown to me).  Yes, the cafeteria is a little too small for this kind of event, I'll take your advice into recommendation when I'm not working here next year.

But there are a lot of pros to working the event.  For one, the hours I'm getting paid.  And that paycheck comes just in time for me to start buying Christmas presents.  For another, the food is absolutely delicious and completely free.  Third, they have wine.  Really good wine.  I found out last year that they don't card, and this year, well, I really could care, seeing as I'm 21.

And as the night wears on, there's less and less for us to do anyway.  I told Angel he can come after work if he wants to eat and have some wine.  Hopefully there won't be much to do.  I hope he doesn't have to do any work with us.  He'll have had a long day, I'd rather he just sat in one of our more comfy chairs and relax.  He'll be my designated driver.

But I've just been so exhausted this week.  I don't want a week off to just sit around and be lazy and watch television, though that's exactly what's going to happen the week after Christmas (minus a few days I have to work MBB).  BUT I plan to use my time wisely by going out to dinners and lunches with people.

Tahoe is in a few days.  I'm very excited.  Hope y'all don't mind my bringing my GRE books.  I know I'll get shit for it.  So I'll have to keep my temper.  Just warning you in advance.  GRE is kind of a touchie subject at times.

For those of you on break, enjoy yourselves and keep safe.  For those of you still working away or schooling it, good luck and hope the break comes soon.  Happy Holidays.

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