November 7th, 2004

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I was going to wait and post this later, but it's just too good to hold off on.

This weekend has been sooooooooooo funny.

So last night, I had work at the Benson Information Desk 7:00 PM - 2:00 AM.  And before that, I met with Carrie and Jason and we ate in the cafeteria (gross, I know, but it was bringing back our younger days of eating there).  And suddenly, this guy I know just pitches a french fry over out table at some other guy sitting at a table next to us.  He promptly throws something back and yells "FOOD FIGHT."  And as we sat there in amazement, more food was chucked over our table.  One of them actually threw one of those plastic clam shell to-go containers, which falls to the floor and spills its contents onto the ground.  Some of the staff workers came out to stop the madness.  One of them even called campus safety.  So we decided it was time to leave... to start drinking.  Carrie was nice enough to fix me a nice Pepsi and rum for the long night ahead.

Now, I started work promptly at 7:00 PM with a nice lazy smile after having emptied the contents of said drink.  And then my building manager came in.  The one I was to work with for 7 straight hours.  And he was tossed.  Smashed.  Drunk, if you will.  Which was all right for the first couple of hours.  Until we learned that a band would be playing in The Bronco, and he has to set it up.  So he slowly sobered up as he worked on the PA system (which is hard enough when sober).  Then, my drunken companion locked himself into the back room and proceeded to break up with his girlfriend over the phone.  Meanwhile, the manager of the band is wondering where all the kiddies are because no one is around and it's almost 10:30 PM.  And then a friend informs me of one possible answer: the boat dance.  So the band plays to an audience of maybe... five or six people.  And they were a pretty okay band.  Building manager comes out and tells me what happened and proceeds to go into The Bronco and comes out with a free coffee container full of beer (he's not 21 yet, by the way, but when you know the bartenders there, it really doesn't matter.  I'm only surprised he got it for free) and listens to music on his laptop.  He has these earphones turned up so bloody high that you literally cannot hear yourself think.  And he starts listening to my music, finds a fondness for 3 Doors Down, and tries to learn the lyrics to "Here Without Me."  And before he learns the lyrics to the song, he starts howling the lyrics.  And I mean howling.  You could hear him if you were outside.  and he did this ALL NIGHT.  Drove me insane, I'm telling you.  So I got home around 2:30 AM and went to bed-

Only to wake up at 8:00 AM this morning to come out to my post at the front of campus.  Let's keep in mind two things: I am the last of four students to work on the weekends.  That means that just the day before, another student worked the same shift.  Let's also keep in mind I actually did this job one weekend ouf of the summer.  So I have a long day of homework planned.  Because I love homework.  So I proceed to Campus Safety to pick up my key to get into the guard shack.  But they're not sure which key it is.  They give me a key and I try it and it doesn't work.  "Well, it works for Jack."  That's great.  Let's let him use it.  Oh wait, he's not here.  Let's give Mary Anne the benefit of the doubt, hmm?  But oh, there are so many keys with letters and numbers (none of them saying "Post A" which would be too simple) and I point out the fact that, umm, maybe check the record to see which key the student who worked the post yesterday used.  OOOOOOOOH.  That's a good idea.  But see, I'm still in an oddly good and humourous mood after last night, and this is really just adding to the humour that is my weekend.

And finally, the straw that broke the camel's back: a little before 10:00 AM this morning, a motorcycle gang pulls up, leather and all.  And they want to check out the Mission Church.

So that is the humour of my weekend.

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG  Oh, things just got much better.  I have a reason to be ecstatic.

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