August 16th, 2004

dorcas is my muse.

Drama and Stem-Cell research

So finally the drama is dying down. Thank goodness. Something will come up soon inevitably. But we should be safe. I am content. It was a long weekend of working, but it was good to work. Really kind of nice. Except for the last part. I didn't mean to stay so late on Sunday night/Monday morning, but it was rather unflexible and surprising, so I stayed for a while. The thing about going away for the weekend is that so much happens and you tend to miss it all. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's nice to escape every once in a while. Sad that it has to be work, but I'll take it. I need a break every now and again. It's nice to clear my head and focus on what is really important. Not that friends are not important. Rather, they are vital. A recent California Field Poll found that California voters are pretty evenly divided about stem-cell research. Democrats are more likely to support it, Republicans are more likely to oppose it. Well, that's expected. But there is also a cultural difference. According to the Mercury News, "there is also a cultural divide: College graduates, voters under age 40 and people who are not strongly Christian support the measure; high school graduates, voters over age 65 and Protestants, especially those who describe themselves as ``born again'' Christians, oppose it." Which makes sense. But... and I'm about to use a stereotype, so my disclaimer is that it's kind of a hypothetical question... well, I guess I assumed that most people over the age of 40 are conservative, and let's say that if you are conservative you are Republican, then... isn't it contradictive if you support stem-cell research? Okay, calm down. I realize how many mistakes are in that last statement. Because there is no majority of either party in the voting population over 40 (or maybe there is, I don't know). Secondly, because you are conservative doesn't mean you are Republican. There are numerous other fallacies. But I just think it's interesting. So now I'll shut up about that and move on. It'll be nice to get some sleep tonight. I like sleep. I don't care to sleep a lot, though. Even though I like sleep. I very much enjoy it.
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