August 12th, 2004

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The office is much different today than before. There's almost no work to do. No diagrams for tomorrow. No phone calls or emails to make reservations. It's the anti-yesterday.

So I joined this forum for my favourite Australian Rugby League team (not to be confused with rugby union [wait, you'll confuse them, never mind]). I have a lot of friends on the team and they're really good. I joined quite some time ago. Almost... two years ago. And the people I talk to, the ones who have been around forever, are really good friends of mine. So if anyone starts talking shit about one of the members, we nail him/her. So one of the long-time members posts about how he's sick and tired of hearing about America's terrorism scares and Bush's behavior. I, personally, am shocked that the topic comes up, especially when people bring in their individual experiences with the arrogant Americans. And I sit there, wondering what to say. Because anything I say can be shot out of the water. I'm not the only American, but I'm the only one who people would listen to. I'm not going to shout how they don't understand and such.

So I join in and try to hold up my side, and instantly the man who controls the forum backs me up. Which is nice. I appreciate how he's made sure everyone feels comfortable. So then someone takes a tangent and says how much he hates hearing about how those few American soldiers treated Iraqi soldiers in captivity, and how they deserved what they got, and how we're so upset when we hear about civilian casualties when it's a warzone and such. And I can't hold it in any longer. So I give him a little snipet.

Mick123 wrote:
What's been pissing me off is all this crap about American soldiers torturing Iraqi prisoner and how mean it is . What a load of sh*t. These Iraqi prisoners are murdering, rapist, child abusing thugs and they deserve all the torture they get.

What also pisses me off, is when people start wingeing about civilians dying i war. The terrorists always disguise themselves as civilians so of course some are gonna die. Like in Israel where they just blow big groups of arabs. If a group of 20 arabs walks up to you and 18 are very nice people and 2 are terrorist grubs(but you don't know which ones), of course you are gonna blow them all up to save your own ass.

But the actions of these few American soldiers are contradicting the words of the president and the country. Very few of us saw those photographs and thought "Yes! Justice seeps from our gun barrels." In all of our arrogance, we know we should be better than that. It's true that people like myself don't always know the costs of war and what it's like to be in those situations. Personally, I think the soldiers are going a little nuts, and I can understand that. Being in a country such as Iraq with... no reason, no purpose. All they want to do is come home. But that does not condone the actions that some of them decided to act the way they did. They need to come home.

As for the killing of civilians, the point interest is killing as few civilians as possible. Even if we "win" and kill thousands of civilians, we still lose.

I think the post has gotten a little too long, so out I go.

Lean on me, when you're not strong, and I'll be your friend, I'll help you carry on. For, it won't be long, 'til I'm going to need somebody to lean on.
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