August 11th, 2004

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I'm in a pleasant mood today.  I got to work with piles of work loaded up on my keyboard and, even though both systems have been a little temperamental, I was able to get everything sorted out before lunch.  I should not sleep more often. 

Actually, work last night wasn't too bad... for having to work almost the entire night.  But having shorter hair has its benefits.  It was nice to have Peter pick me up from work and drive back with him.  I don't spend nearly enough time with him as I should.  But he's busy too, so I don't feel quite as bad.

My coche, on the other hand, is going to need some work.  My friend Rich is going to tow it tomorrow afternoon and take it back to his shop so he can check it out.  I'm pretty sure of the problem and I know Rich is going to lecture me about not taking care of my baby.  A little clean-up is all he needs.

Though I trudge out the door, work in San Francisco isn't so bad.  Well, I had different expectations.  It wasn't so bad before because at least there were people there that I knew, although that's kind of a bad thing, too.  I've been given more responsibilities and somehow more respect, which is sometimes more than I'll ever get at the other place.  Still, each place has benefits.  Especially with my coche out of commission for a while.

Summer is winding down.  As much as we don't like hearing it (I hiss every time someone says that to me), it's true.  It means we have less free time.  And it's good to spend that time with friends.  But make sure you spend some time with yourself.  Yea, I know, and this coming from me.  Maybe we all need a little time to take a step back.  Find your own train.

And since summer's almost over, this means I have to get my tattoo pretty soon.  I know what I want to get.  It's something I never want to forget, though I can't see myself looking down at my ankle and thinking, "Oh, jeez, I forgot about that" and go through the rest of my day.  Hmm...

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