May 21st, 2004

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 So today in the Mercury News there was an article about having a Major League Baseball team in San Jose. Gee, now we'll be authentic.

Apparently, the future of the Oakland A's is in question and Baseball San Jose, a group of community leaders in San Jose, wants the team to move to San Jose.

It gets better.

The group launched a petition drive with a "declaration of independence" to ask the baseball owners of the Giants to release San Jose.

How American.

You know, here's my feeling about this:

For some reason, people believe that life will improve if we have more sports teams around.  Look at the controversy swarming around SJSU.  They're about to lose their football team and a hell of a lot of alumni funding, not to mention I'm sure the government is cutting funding to the school.

A lot of Santa Clara students feel that we are at a disadvantage because we do not have a football team and want to restore it because, Jesus, it won't cost so much.

But at the heart of it, I think I'm beginning to understand: we need it.  If that's what it takes to get people involved, to get people to enjoy their lives and be happy, then let's go for it.

Let's remember what we are trading the sports for.  Look at SJSU.  I know the situation is a little more complicated than I am about to say, but it is an academic institution of higher learning.  They're having enough trouble keeping all of their teachers.  Are we really willing to pay the growing amount of $$ necessary to even join the league every year?  Are we trading education for sports?

At the same time, sports do bring in a lot of revenue that can help schools, and most schools get their alumni funding (which is necessary for every school seeing as the government keeps curring the budget for this war, among other things) from alumni who support the sports because that's what they participated in when they went to college.  I would be lying to say that sports are not a vital part of the college experience.  Rugby has been everything to me and I would not be enjoying college as much  if not for it.  But let's be reasonable here.

As far as outside the college arena, well, I really don't give a shit.  But it would be a sad day if the A's left.  For the most part, they satisfy those baseball fans who hate the San Francisco Giants (more specifically, Barry Bonds).  I don't know what is involved in this deal of the 1980s (or what they were smoking).  The sad fact is that our economy is so weak that to put all of this effort and money into baseball may just kill some programs that we really need.  And I'm not just talking about education.  What about after-school programs for kids?  Or health programs?

On a lighter note, I saw a ladder with the American flag on it.  No seriously.  Red and white stripes on one leg, blue with white stars on the other.  Makes me wonder if we have a slight ego problem.

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