March 26th, 2004

dorcas is my muse.

Last Night's Adventure

I have much appreciated this little break.  Can't help keeping busy.  So yesterday I had full intentions of purchasing another betta fish.  You know, someone for Vikram to play around with and keep him lively.  Not like he needs it.  But those bowls that they keep the fish in in Petco are so small!  Alison and I had a long discussion last night as to what bowl I should put the new guy in because, you know, wouldn't want to make Vikram jealous.  Therapy.  I need therapy.  So we go to Petco to buy a new little guy, name picked out and everything.  Then I was going to get two because the bowl I have can fit two and why not they're only three bucks apiece.  So we look at the fish and decide which ones I'll get, and then we walk to the rodents section because I love going there.  There are three chinchillas.  I never noticed how adorable they are.  OR HOW EXPENSIVE.  120 bucks apiece.  Not to mention they must require a lot of care.  I'll stick with a dog, thanks.  So we go look at the rats because I love rats (can you tell).  And this little guy is so cute.  He's an albino and sleepy and reminds me of my old rat.  I reminisce.  And then decide to buy him.  Yep, bought him.  I'll buy the fish next week after I get my paycheck.  Because my room is slowly becoming a zoo.  But hey, it doesn't smell.  So I bought food, a shelter, and special bedding.  But uh oh, I only have Boris' travel cage at home, and the big rat cage is at my home home.  My parents will shoot me when they find out.  So Alison and I bring Peek-a-Boo (rat's name) home and put him in the small cage and proceed to my home home.  We sneak into the garage and run the cage into my car, talk to my parents in an easy manner for about half an hour, and skate home.  Then I am emptying the cage into the dumpster right by my car.  Boris' old bedding was still there, you see, from before I got the new cage.  So I'm holding onto this black bar on the bottom of the cage, attempting to empty the contents.  The GLASS CAGE slips out of the bar and falls in and thank God only sustains a small crack in one of the corners.  So I dig it out and bring it up to the room and now everything's settled.  Wow, what a crazy night.

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