December 18th, 2003

dorcas is my muse.

No Tahoe for me!

So I was supposed to go to Tahoe yesterday with Tim and Claire and Tim's mum. Obviously, that didn't work. With people at work dropping like flies, I knew I needed to stay and help Karrie (my boss) with her Christmas party yesterday. This is like the best job ever and Karrie is a great boss. So I told Tim and Claire (I'll be paying for it later, I know). I'm glad I stayed. Last night the University Holiday Dinner party was excellent and I really enjoyed hanging out with Laura. Hehe, then I went to see LOTR III with some high school friends. I don't know how I will be able to see it again today with Kristina. I just hope I don't fall asleep. I only got three hours of sleep, and it was sooooooooooo difficult to get out of bed this morning. I almost didn't get up. But here I am with a nice cup of mocha, and it's going to be a good day. Cheers!

"We are not retreating - we are advancing in another direction."
--General Douglas MacArthur
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