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So Saturday was certainly a rugby day.  We played very well in Monterey.  Coach Chris was able to make it out.  I'm so glad he will still work with us next year, I'd miss him so much if he left us.  I know we're in good hands with Allison and Neil.  We were done by 11:00, so we had the entire day to spend in the beautiful weather.  We went to one of the girl's houses and hung out and drank.  It was hilarious.  Coach Neil had his legs shaved.  He actually agreed to it the night before at my rugby dinner, and believe it or not, he was sober.  At the party, Julia took her boot because SHE SCORED!  I'm so proud of her.  Allison scored twice, and she was so happy.  So sad Andrea's try didn't count because the ref was an idiot.  Anyway, after getting sufficiently full and buzzed, we headed 10 minutes down to the beach and proceeded to play beach rugby.  I got the crap knocked out of me by Jonathan.  God, he hits hard!  I missed him!  Thank goodness he'll be around for a little while longer.  I really missed having him around.  We stayed there for hours just talking to the Monterey girls and their coach and playing and tackling people and drinking.  It was probably one of the best times I've ever had.  I realized how few people will be around next year for rugby.  Everyone was saying goodbye to each other, it was so sad.  Only Andrea and Katrina are graduating, but one girl won't be around much preseason, at least two will be graduating in the middle of the year next year, two are transferring....  My only consolation is that we will be going to Santa Barbara again this year, and we will kick ass.

As far as the rest of the day was concerned, I never once went back to the apartment.  We got back, I went to drink with a few of the people that were at the game.  Everyone pretty much split up except for a few of us.  And the rest, I don't remember so well because I wasn't sober and I don't think I can be sober and tell the story right....:)  Sorry for not calling you, Carrie.  I left my cell in the apartment and just got your message this morning before I went to work basketball duty.

The rest of the weekend will be homework and basketball.  Fine with me.  I'm happy.  These two weeks will be nothing like last week, the week of absolute hell.  I have a much clearer head and I think I've come to a resolution about that part.


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