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I've been yelled at constantly today.  No, I'm serious.  YELLED AT.  I think I might crack.  So many people are frustrating me right now.  I think part of it's my fault too, but you know, I'm sick and tired of having to apologize.  Fuck it.  Don't expect me to apologize, especially if I didn't do anything in the first place.  I've been bending over backwards for far too long.  I've grown hard this quarter, and I've learned a lot.  Crystal and I are having a talk, and boy is she in for it.

I just want to crawl into a little hole and stay there for a little while.  And no, because I have to go vote and get some pictures together for my final project so I can find time to scan them in tomorrow after work but before practice.  And tonight I have practice plus budget meeting plus a couple of papers to write.  Don't say it, I'm not dropping any of them.  I need everything I do.

But a hole would be nice.

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