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Mardi Gras was awesome.  Looking back on it, I'm sad because a few of the people I invited did not come, though the most unlikely person that I did invite came and seemed to enjoy himself.  I have the most awesome pictures.  My apartment looked great (thanks to the handiness of Alejandro, Lydia, and Mike) and the atmosphere was very comfortable.  I don't think anyone felt left out or bored because there were so many people to talk to.  I knew about half the people there (most of the guys were the boyfriends of the girls of the club) but it was great fun getting to know them.  We went through 6 bottles of wine and 2 bottles of vodka.  And that was before 11:00 pm.  And the best part: Crystal didn't come home.  I didn't really expect that she would, anyway.

I invited Wes, the guy who lives next door to us, to come to the party, but he was busy until 2:00 am.  Wow, no wonder he's dead to the world by the time I leave in the morning and comes back so late.  Note: I'll have to see what he's up to some weekend, invite him over for dinner with Al or something.  That sounds neighborly.

Davina might have found another place for us to live.  It would be just Michelle, Davina, and myself.  I told her I'm all for it because it's the same price.  I thought about living with my Rachel next year, but I think it's too late to back out on Davina and Michelle.  Unless Chris takes my place.  Hmmm....

I feel as though I am drawing away from some of my friends.  Our differences are showing more than our similarities.  I guess it happens with time.  I get frustrated at our differences but what can you do?  You can't get pissed off because you want to do something and they don't.  I'm very quick to anger this quarter.  I don't just let things slide off for a while.

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