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'Tis a bit rainy today.  Oh, but now the sun is shining.  Weirdness.  So today is Mardi Gras!  I'm so excited.  I'm having a party at the apartment.  I hope Crystal remembers *cruel smile*.  And because tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, I must think up something to give up.  One resolution I have is to spend more time in my apartment.  When I am in the apartment, I am in my bedroom.  I might not be living there next year, and I need to enjoy it while I have it.  I also need to spend more time with my friends, especially the ones who are graduating soon.  I need to ask them out to lunch or something.  I will be taking less classes.  Sometimes I feel like I know people but I don't feel comfortable with them, like they are on another playing field.  I know it's weird, but I'm weird, so it's okay.

 I've thought about what to give up for Lent.  I thought about alcohol, but don't drink that much and it's one of the finer pleasures I allow myself.  Someone suggested giving up my mochas in the morning.  Yes, if I want to KILL MYSELF AND THE OTHERS AROUND ME.  I could try giving up chocolate or sweets.  Definitely couldn't hurt.  Am I the only one giving up something for Lent?

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