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my mission 2012 list.

mission : 2012

In a previous post I mentioned merging a sort of mission101 list with a New Year's resolution. What emerged were several respectable resolutions that are reasonable. I'll update my progress on these resolutions every month and might change each resolution as necessary, but only when I meet a resolution and push it further.

1.) Cook a new dish every month. Possibly a new baked thing every month. Originally for mission101, I wanted to make nine new dishes. Even though I didn't succeed with that mission plan, I have made significant improvement with my cooking and baking. I'm much more of a baker, but I want to become more comfortable with cooking so that I really know what I'm eating and so I just become more accomplished. So while it's inevitable that I will bake more things (thanks in no small part to the baking gifts I received from my family), I want to focus on one new cooked/baked meal dish per month. I might even start with a stew, since we broke out the unused crock pot that my parents received as a wedding present. Unless the recipe is incredibly complicated, I'll post all recipes (with pictures) to this journal.

2.) Read 50 75 books. It was my original goal to read 50 books annually. ( I highly suggest 50bookchallenge. ) It's going to be harder for this upcoming year, but I'm going to keep doing it. I'll post the books and their Goodreads reviews here.

3.) Work out at least 5 days a week. I'm currently working out six days a week and plan to keep up this routine. However, things happen. Most of my activities should be in the gym, but Deanna mentioned taking long vigorous walks after we teach on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and those will count. I'll keep up my training sessions with John P. as long as I can or until I decide I don't need them. I always post my weekly review at dailyexercise and also post at The President's Challenge.

4.) Lose 20 lbs. This past year I lost 36 pounds. I'm trying not to focus too much on losing pounds because I know I'm lowering my fat percentage, losing half-inches here and there, and becoming healthier overall. However, I do still need to lose pounds to become healthier, and I fought hard for each of those 36 pounds. So a 20-pound resolution is reasonable.

5.) Purchase no more than 2 books per month. ( Including the book club book. ) This icon is an accurate representation of my room. I have tons of things to read and don't need to spend money on bunches of new books per month (even though I'd love to do so). I was inspired by Deana's ( deana_in_texas ) mission to not buy new books for six months. I could utilize our fair library if I don't already have it. I should also put some of my books on Goodreads.

6.) Save at least $50/month. Next semester's going to be difficult, because I'm not teaching as many sections and I'm still paying for personal training sessions. I'm having stupid difficulty saving money, so here's what I'm going to do. Every month when I get paid, I'm going to withdraw $50 and put it in an envelope in my desk. Not sure what it'll be for.

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Please have a happy, healthy, peaceful new year, and I hope you enjoy your NYE festivities in whatever form they take! May this be a good and prosperous year for us all.
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