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I'm sleepy today. I actually said screw it to the homework (which I will pay for now) and went to bed early, and I slept in to boot. Yay for sleep. Hopefully I won't have to pull any all nighters this week. That's what next Sunday is for. I have two assignments due next Monday.

I have to work on my interview project for Comm.  I'm thinking I'll interview Al.  The assignment is to interview a person you know but not really know.  I feel like I don't really know him that well.  I just have to come up with a research question.

Ooh ooh, and my friend Shaun might be coming to California soon!  He said he can't come for another few weeks because of the short notice, so scratch coming to see one of our games, but maybe in a month or so he can.  I am so excited!  I haven't seen him in ages.

But oh well.  So my cousin is attempting to get into Santa Clara.  Reason: because her boyfriend is going to SJSU and she wants to be close to him.  Comment: fucked up.  She called up my father to get a recommendation but if he had any questions, well, he could call her father because she wouldn't be around.  So my father calls to get more information about her academics and such.  Well, certainly she does enough community service and such.  But let's get to the academics.  She has a 3.8.  Not too shabby.  Except that her SAT score is 850.  Not only will she not get any scholarships, she won't get in.
I think, nay, I know the reason this upsets me is because she thinks she can just use her family connections to get what she wants.  And hey, if that works, more power to you.  But now when that option doesn't work for another one in your position.  Hasn't she learned from my cousin who did the same thing to get into HIGH SCHOOL and was just kicked out?
I know why this hits me so hard.  I hate my family, except for the older relatives and, obviously, my parents and my father's brother and my mum's family.  I hate my cousins who think they can just skate by.  They've always had it easy and found comfort in the family.  Fuck that.  It's not cool to give an 8-year-old one present and give the others five (I'm not kidding, before you ask).  Yes, that was a long time ago, and now I'm showing that I don't need them to be happy.  I just don't want to share that with my cousin so she can downplay it, lower my status.  I'm such a bitch.
On the other hand, she would get a great education.  But whether she can do it is another story.  She would be at a huge disadvantage.  She wouldn't be living on campus, for one.  That's a big blow.  But whatever happens, happens.

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