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Oregon was very fun.  We did NOT leave at 5:00 am, but really at 8:00 am, so there were three more hours of good cuddly sleep in there.  The trip up wasn't as long as we thought it would be, and my ride was with three very unlikely people.  The weather was fucking weird.  Overcast, then sheets of rain, then snow, then sunny.  Never living in Oregon.  NEVER.  Our team played superbly well.  I was so proud of everyone.  No one got seriously injured, and they all played like champs, even in the hail.  Then we partied, then we slept, and then we came back.  Such good times.  I have photos that I have to send out. :)

So housing for next year: I think I have decided that the house will work IF my cousin does not live with me next year.   I think it is the best option for me and I'm sticking with it.

Mitch is giving me a hard time about Valentine's day.  I have so much going on that weekend, and like no money, but for shame if I don't go to visit him.  I'm really torn on the issue of whether it's an important holiday or not.  Why should it be any different than any other day?  It seems more capitalistic than anything else.  I would love to go down to visit him, don't get me wrong.  But he's being such an ass about it and telling me I HAVE to go down to see him.  Maybe the week will progress better.  Maybe.


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