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Oregon at 5:00 am tomorrow! yay... ug.

I am considering whether to bring my labtop on the trip.  It could be harmed, I suppose.  Well, I suppose I'll just have to get by without it.  I think I've given myself enough to do, bringing religion and psych crap along with me, at the very least these should keep me busy.  Gotta take the digital camera, though.  It's a must.

So here's my problem now, and for all of those who are sick to death about hearing the dating/love shit, don't worry, not a word.  No, here's my new problem: where to live next year.  I had assumed that I would be living in my apartment again with my cousin William or a few others.  Now I can live with Davina, Michelle, and Chris in a house.  A HOUSE.  God, I always wanted a house.  Someplace close so I can walk all the time.  And there would be people there who would actually be outside of the bedroom, talking to me in normal conversations on a daily basis.  I didn't know how much I missed that for the longest time.  I hate to be a snotty bitch about it.  At least when I lived in the dorms, I could talk with Yolanda and Claire, respectively.  And they seemed almost happy to talk to me.  I never noticed how lonely it was.  Now, I know it doesn't seem that way because I talk to EVERYONE on campus, but that has it's limits for when I have to go home to a roommate I haven't even seen, much less talked with, in months.  I don't want to go home to an empty house.  I'd almost rather stay at school, so you can see how desperate the situation is for me.  I want to have fun my senior year, not go through this shit again.

And I do want to apologize to

vintagefury  for the low blow in class yesterday.  I was ticked about a few things in class and I shouldn't have hit below the belt.  My apologies.

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