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Saturday's a Rugby day!

So we had our match against SJSU this morning.  Damn, but it was cold.  Everybody was really tired and hungry.  We played like champs.  I'm telling you, I've seen so much improvement in our pack in the past month.  Oh, we lost.  But we tried our best.  We play Oregon next week.  I wonder if it will be University of Portland.  We shouldn't have a problem, in that case.

Oh, but that fucking "ref".  Same one from the Humboldt game, so Carrie will know that he's an ass who doesn't know shit.  He penalized us like 20 times per half, and yet he only called them on it twice.  A few times, he should have given us the penalty and awarded it to them instead.  Fucker.  Neil says we should send something in about his conduct and lack of knowledge on the subject.  I swear, they high tackled so much, especially our scrum half, little Ari.  They should have gotten carded millions of times.  Ah well.

Anyway, lots to do before working the mens basketball game tonight, and then I have about four parties to go to, so it should be interesting.  Have a great day and a stellar weekend.

BTW: our Rugby Website is :

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