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Sleep is gooooooooood

Yay for sleep.  I love sleep.  Especially after all nighters, plus three classes, plus work, plus a meeting.  And dealing with Marshall.  Yes, I definitely deserved some sleep last night.  I have a major paper that I want to finish tonight so I can turn it in tomorrow and have the professor look it over and give me some help.

I'm to see the doctor today.  I took x-rays last time and he wants to go over them again with me.  Yay.  I know my ankle's not broken because, well, I can walk with relatively little pain so that my strides look normal.  And I've stopped wincing like a baby.  But this time the sprains are more intense and he's worried the next one will knock it out.  Plus this one is more intense and it hasn't really healed yet.  Fuck.

But whatcha gonna do?  So much that was burdened on my shoulders has been lifted, and I'm really enjoying it.  Hope everyone is having a good day.  Take care!

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