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My pledge

God, it's Wednesday again.  Most people complain about Monday.  I complain about Wednesday.  But why complain?  For once, I have all my work done for the day, but I need time to talk to all of my professors about papers that are due next week and the week after.  You know, I hate procrastinating.  It always gets the work done but never is worth more than a B.  This time I pledge to start these damn papers this week and hopefully get them done.  I have to be more on top of it this quarter because I fucked up last quarter.  Next quarter will be a breeze, so I'm pledging to work my ass off to do better.

I have decided: I hate relationships.  No, don't analyze me and say it's because of Mitch, because as far as I'm concerned, our relationship has been a little different.  Odd, even.  I look around at people who are in relationships (cough like the ones who came back from abroad. 

hentaioverfiend   knows about this).  Maybe the resolution that Mitch and I have is a good idea, because I anticipate less fighting.  But maybe while I'm here without him I should just hang on my own and not try to hook up with anyone.  Single isn't a bad state of mind.  I sort of felt like I was during the year, anyway.

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