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Thank goodness for the long weekend.  Gave me just enough time to enjoy my surroundings.

Friday night was team night, and I had a great time with my girls.  I'm becoming really good friends with a few members who I really wouldn't get along well with, I'd imagine.  Of course, I am the vp of one of the girls in another club where she is the president, so I have to like her.  :)  Not really, she can be really nice.  It was cool just to hang out with people I don't really spend all that much hang time with.

Saturday was a mess.  I couldn't play because I sprained my ankle before the game.  I was so pissed and so hurt, especially because we had such a low number actually playing in the game: 16 on a side of 15.  We got nailed, but not too badly.   Thankfully, only one player got seriously injured.  But then there was the basketball game.  And people called me up telling me they could not work.  STRESS LEVEL HIGH!  My God, kill me now.  It went as smoothly as possible, though, and the boss was happy.  Besides, I killed time with two of the girls.  Then it was off to San Diego.

This weekend was really important for us.  I was exhausted pretty much the entire time there because the week had been tough.  But being in SD energized me, and I loved being with Mitch for our anniversary.  We just laid low and worked on homework.  He really helped me on planning the rest of my time at SCU, something that has been troubling me lately.  And when we were together we discussed all of our problems and came up with good solutions.  I think we both agree to this new situation.  We'll see how it goes.

It's kind of hard to be back, mostly because MARSHALL LEFT TWO VOICEMAILS ON MY PHONE.  Lord, can I not have a moment's peace from that man?  He tries to help but he never understands that sometime I just need to be alone.  He'll never understand.

Well, a new day, and practice tonight.  Hope the day goes well.


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