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How many times have I posted today...?

Well, the excitment didn't last too long.  Relationships are falling around me, and I'm ticked because some members of my team are about as responsible as wild pigs.  Meaning they showed up to work late (except Carrie) and when some of them did show up, they didn't know what to do.  And the boss gave me a nice little call during dinner.  Sheesh.  A moment of peace, please.  My poor Alison, I was a nervous wreck with her and she followed me around so nicely.  Now I'm doing stats, and then I have to go talk to Marshall so he can pour his soul about how he hates SCU and the people here.  He doesn't understand that SOMETIMES, we like to be left alone for a little time.  Suppose it's because he's French.

On a happy note, I believe Mitch and I have reached an agreement, and believe me, no one will see it coming.  But if it works, both of us will be happy and will remain close.

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